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A video game that allows you to be Jesus Christ and work miracles whenever you want

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Kuldeep Singh
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A PC game inspired by the New Testament allows you to fight the Devil and work miracles while living the life of Jesus

The videogames sector has long since taken the step of being destined to entertain the smallest of the house to do it with people of all ages. Thus, there are as many themes as you can imagine, from adventures to wars, through mystery, love, pets, cartoons, etc.

However, few games are based on religion and the teachings of religious leaders. In many cases you don’t want to hurt sensibilities; in others, they don’t bet on this sector because they don’t see it easily monetizable. Now, a new videogame wants to end that situation: it is called ‘ I am Jesus Christ ‘ and it is based on the New Testament.

The game, which is not yet available, is presented on the Steam platform as ” a realistic simulator ” and invites the player to immerse themselves “in the old days and follow the same path of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.” It begins with the baptism of Jesus and ends when the Resurrection is achieved.

What would it have been like to be Jesus?

I am Jesus Christ allows the possibility of doing miracles, so you can multiply the loaves and fishes, turn water into wine or cure the blind, among more than 30 different miracles. But it also promises action, since the Demon will have to be fought to prevent evil from reigning on Earth.

The video game has no release date, but it is known that it is aimed at the PC gaming sector. They invite the user to become “the most famous man on Earth”, to get superpowers, heal and feed the neediest people and to live the whole life of Jesus Christ, including the crucifixion and the Resurrection.

If you always asked yourself how Jesus would have felt 2,000 years ago, ‘I am Jesus Christ’ is the answer.

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