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Quantum computing: a 53 qubit system for IBM

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A 53 qubit quantum computer will find its place in the new Quantum Computation Center that IBM will soon inaugurate in the state of New York. A unit with exponentially higher power than that now managed by Big Blue (20 qubits), which starting from October will be made available commercially within the Q Network.

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IBM: 53 qubit quantum computer

Not only brute force, but also reliability: some innovations introduced at the design level have allowed reducing interference and the frequency of errors generated during operation. This is why the Armonk group coined the Quantum Volume Formula  to evaluate performance, considering both the number of qubits and the efficiency of the machine, both of which are determining factors for the execution of operations on such a system. Here are the words of Dario Gil, director of the IBM Research division.

Our strategy, since we put the first quantum computer in the cloud in 2016, has been to bring technology from the isolated experimental phase into the laboratories of a few to tens of thousands of users. In order to offer it to the emerging quantum community of teachers, researchers and developers who share an interest in this revolution in computing, we have created several platform generators integrated into systems available on a large scale.

For what uses can a 53 qubit quantum computer be useful ? First of all in the field of scientific research aimed at the study of new materials and medicines, but also to conduct analyzes in the financial context and of Big Data.

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