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Blackberry loses another piece: goodbye to Whatsapp’s ancestor

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Amit Kumar
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Blackberry Messenger officially closes on May 31st . The decision came as a result of BlackBerry’s partnership with the Indonesian conglomerate Emtek in 2016. The aim was to try to give new life to the historical service, especially on the consumer side, as the business remained in the hands of the original brand with the name of Blackberry Enterprise.

But precisely those who intended to give a new breath to this service decided, a little surprisingly, to close it starting from May 31st 2019. ” We have invested our heart in this reality and we are proud of what we have built so far “, it can be read in the press release which is also an epitaph on the official Blackberry website.

Scrolling through the lines also comes the simple truth behind this decision: ” The technological industry is very fluid and, despite considerable efforts, users have switched to other platforms and new users have proved difficult to approach “. In short, Blackberry Messenger will always have the merit of being the forerunner of instant messaging services . But not always who comes first comes first.

Instead, he was defeated by more flexible, modern apps that rode their operating systems to break through, such as WhatsApp in the West and WeChat in China, without forgetting Facebook Messenger . And yet, just as Blackberries have dominated unchallenged in the newborn smartphone category, Blackberry Messenger for years has sailed solitary in the still unexplored sea of instant and free messages through the web, thanks to the proprietary pin system with lots of dedicated tariff plans.

The service offered single or group chats, the sending of audio files, files up to 16 megs, the sharing of geographical locations and emoticons. It has also expanded to calls and video calls and to other operators, such as iOS and Android since 2013. Indonesia has remained the last country in which Blackberry Messenger has survived with a surprising figure of 87.5% in 2016. But were three years ago, before the final collapse and the farewell planned for May 31st.

Another piece of Blackberry history that goes away forever.

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