Deadline leaked: On this day, the OnePlus 7 will be presented

Deadline leaked: On this day, the OnePlus 7 will be presented
Deadline leaked: On this day, the OnePlus 7 will be presented

In about one month, the OnePlus 7 should see the light of day. The reported GizChina citing Chinese sources. Accordingly, the launch event for the successor of the OnePlus 6T on May 14, 2019 to take place. This would OnePlus stick to its previous release cycle. For comparison: The generation predecessor, the OnePlus 6, was presented on 16 May 2018.

With 5G and as a Pro version: Three OnePlus 7 models in conversation

It is also speculated that the Chinese manufacturer will present three OnePlus 7 models on May 14th. In addition to the regular model and a 5G variant, there should also be a pro version, which probably puts a special focus on performance. The motto of the OnePlus 7 Pro should be “Go Beyond Speed”, which translates roughly as “crossing the speed limit.”

With three OnePlus 7 smartphones, OnePlus would take Apple or Samsung as an example, bringing their new generation of iPhone and Galaxy S to market in triplicate. Whether and to what extent the three versions of the OnePlus 7 differ technically and in price, remains to be seen.

OnePlus 7: With pop-up camera and phone jack?

Little is known about the OnePlus 7 so far. According to recent information, the smartphone should have a retractable pop-up camera in order to be able to do without a notch or a camera hole altogether. Even the return of the 3.5-mm headphone jack is in the conversation, on wireless charging, buyers must, according to the CEO, but continue to do without.

If the alleged performance date on May 14 is true, we will learn in about a month, what is really true of the rumors.

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