The four mistakes you make when cleaning the memory of your ‘smartphone’

The four mistakes you make when cleaning the memory of your 'smartphone'
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Not all phones have a large memory to supply all applications and their updates, so many users find it necessary to resort to other methods to clean the memory of their phone without realizing that they are wrong.

When memory runs out of space for applications, the phone begins to slow down, not to mention the messages that appear on the screen with the warning that you have no space to save files, photos or videos on your mobile.

As a result, users install so-called memory ‘cleaners’, manually delete files, or use other ways to clean up their memory space, without taking into account that these resources harm their device.

Here are the 4 mistakes you make when cleaning your mobile memory:

  1. Delete unknown files, even if they are large. If you did not save these files on your mobile it is better not to touch them because this is not the reason why your smartphone is now slow.
  2. Use apps to clean the internal memory that requires access to SMS, calls, geolocation or the contact list. It is better not to opt for this option, since in many cases they can be malicious programs that could damage your device.
  3. Clearing memory by removing various programs from the system is a very dubious way to increase the performance of your phone. According to experts, this attempt to download the RAM memory of your phone could disable important functions of the ‘smartphone’ such as WI-FI, Bluetooth or GPS. Android has its own memory optimization system and that is why it is better to allow it to perform its function without intervening in them.
  4. Another big mistake is moving the apps that take up a lot of space to the memory card and thinking that this will free up space. What this operation actually does is reduce the performance of your phone, since the faster memory card will work slower than the internal memory. Experts recommend using the memory card for music, videos, photos, or large files.

As experts recommend, if you need to clean the RAM memory, it is better to do it through the application manager, although it is more advisable that when purchasing a smartphone the memory functions are verified to avoid these inconveniences in your device.

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