iPhone 11 Pro: all about fast charging with 18W USB-C charger included in the package

iPhone 11 pro with fast charging with USB-C type input charger

For some this may have been the most important news today. Finally, after months and months of rumors and disappointments at various events, the 18W fast charger has appeared. And it has been included as standard in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, as an option chosen for those who buy the new flagship of the iPhone.

And yes, let’s say the magic word: that charger is USB-C. However, don’t get too excited, because even if that charger is USB-C, the charging port of the iPhone 11 Pro is still Lightning. Simply include a Lightning to USB-C cable along with that charger.

iPhone 11 Pro: USB C is there, but it’s not as you hope

In recent weeks we have hoped, based on the leaks, that on board the new iPhone there was finally the USB C port, but this was not the case. The now old Lightning input continues to survive shamelessly, always forcing us to have too many cables with us: one of type C for 90% of the devices and one only for the bitten apple smartphone.

The charger has a USB-C type input, a supply power of 18W and will be supplied to anyone who will purchase an iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unfortunately, those who opt for iPhone 11 will have to settle for the usual, old and slow, 5W charger (with standard USB A input).

A small step for Apple, a big step for fans of its smartphones.

60 euros more add fast charging to any iPhone

We may finally see the arrival of USB-C to the iPhone in 2020 or 2021, but we will have to keep waiting. The iPhone 11 will continue to include the classic 5W USB charger that we all know.

The 18W USB-C power adapter can be purchased separately, it is on sale at Apple for 35 euros. We will also need a USB-C to Lightning cable, which can be purchased for 25 or 39 euros depending on whether we want it one or two meters in length. For now, the conclusion is that fast charging is still a premium option for Apple.

In addition to the Apple new iPhone series 11, the US group has presented other products. Including a new iPad, new Apple Watch Series 5 and new streaming services.



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