A new patent shows a smartphone with holograms: a new future thing

A new patent shows a smartphone with holograms: a new future thing

A smartphone with holograms sounds like a thing from a distant future, but it turns out that such a proposal may appear quite soon. What new will it introduce?

A smartphone with holograms is a great idea

Currently, smartphones are experiencing gradual corrections. It is hard to look for huge changes in them and companies are trying to refine the current form of these mobile devices. Amazingly, Samsung has recently appeared to be a leader in innovation and it is surprising how many new projects are being prepared by Koreans. For sure we can include the folded Galaxy Fold series, which has already passed a false start, but soon something completely surprising can join it.

Namely, the Koreans recently filed a patent for a hologram display device. No, it’s not a joke. Samsung wants to use the potential that lies in this surprising technology. Relatively recently, RED with Hydrogen One had similar ambitions, but in the case of this film equipment manufacturer, the lack of refinement and real assessment of own capabilities. I think that in the case of Koreans the chances of creating a successful device are much higher.

The whole will consist of three main components:

  • curved from one part of the display, which resembles the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge,
  • reflective element,
  • semi-transparent mirror.

This solution could of course be used not only in smartphones, but also tablets, laptops, wearables or multimedia sets in cars. It is worth adding that such technology would allow a completely different level of user interaction with the equipment. Samsung described in the application the option of displaying the music control panel in the form of a hologram. In my opinion, this can bring a significant improvement in the functionality itself, although of course we will have to wait a lot until such a proposal hits the market.

Samsung has proven more than once that it is great at implementing all, even the most unbelievable ideas. Adding a hologram to your smartphone can definitely be an interesting procedure. I am curious whether the competition will also go in this direction or whether it will remain in its fairly passive position. Undoubtedly, this attitude reduces the risk of making a mistake, but I doubt that this is what the mobile market is all about.

source: Gizmochina