WhatsApp announces end of support for Windows Phone, iOS 7 and Android 2.3.7

WhatsApp announces end of support for Windows Phone, iOS 7 and Android 2.3.7

The technology train does not stop walking, and now it’s time for some old operating systems to lag behind. The WhatsApp announced the end of support for all versions of Windows Phone to December 31 this year. In addition, mobile phones with iOS 7 and Android Gingerbread, in version 2.3.7, will also lose the messaging app, but on February 1, 2020.

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Changes of this type are common, as platforms advance and older systems become obsolete. The mobile switch cycle helps users move forward, while older platforms no longer provide the required structure for updates, especially security updates, while a low number of users does not justify the additional work that must be done by the developers.

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For Windows Phone users, WhatsApp suggests switching to a current mobile phone that runs Android or iOS operating systems, as the app will completely stop working at the turn of the year. The same goes for users of older versions of Apple and Google platforms, which will also no longer have access to the messenger two months later.

In the case of Windows Phone, the end of WhatsApp support is accompanied by an address from Microsoft itself, which announced the end of December with its mobile platform. The company started its work in the cellular world alongside Nokia and even bought the smartphone business of the Finnish company. On the other hand, the initiative did not work very well, so much so that the last launch of the Redmond giant in this segment was the Lumia 950, 2015.

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The end of the support also follows the moves of WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, which has also stopped making its applications available to the operating system. At the moment, the social network and Instagram no longer have official apps on Windows Phone, as well as Messenger, which also stopped working on the platform.

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At the same time, and according to unofficial information, WhatsApp would be working on a new application for Windows 10 that would replace the current web version of the messenger. In a universal version and theoretically capable of running on more devices besides the PC itself, the repaginated software can bring a greater integration with the operating system, besides running faster and removing one of its biggest problems: the dependence of a connected cell to work.

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Such information, however, was not officially confirmed by the company, but rather obtained by the site WABeta Info, acknowledged for leaking news of the platform before the ads. According to the insiders, the new software would already be fully functional, but still in the testing phase, which may indicate that a release to all users may not take long.

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