Sony brings 16K: A huge, modular screen that can cost over $ 5 million

Sony brings 16K: A huge, modular screen that can cost over $ 5 million

Sony recently announced Crystal LED technology that will bring 783-inch 16K resolution screens to movie theaters. Today the Japanese group confirms that the same system is also ready for the domestic environment, obviously in a reduced format (but not too small) as far as size is concerned.

Sony Crystal LED: 16K home cinema

Those who do not accept compromises in terms of quality can opt for a panel that can reach and exceed 20 meters in width. It is clear that we are not talking about a device intended for all pockets or every living room. The huge screen is composed of Micro-LED modules, each of which is 16 × 18 inches with a 360 × 360 pixel definition. According to the specifications of the technical data sheet, you can get up to a brightness of 1,000 nits and a coverage of 140% of the sRGB color space, without forgetting 3D support.

Being a modular wall, the customer can customize it according to his needs: 18 plugs for 1080p, 72 for 4K, 288 for 8K and 576 for 16K. The price? About $ 10,000 per piece, so $ 5.8 million for the most advanced configuration. That’s right, 5.8 million dollars.

One question remains: what content is currently optimized for a similar resolution? At least in home cinema, practically none.

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