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This will be ‘Halo’, the new Amazon smart bracelet designed to lose weight

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The latest innovation from Amazon offers the user a different way of including physical exercise in the day to day competing with oneself, where each step is a reward

Amazon has news. The distribution giant has presented its new ‘pack’ of products, a smart bracelet without a screen named as ‘Amazon Halo Band’ and the Amazon Halo ‘app’ designed for ‘fitness’ lovers. This tool has been devised by its creators in order to help the user’s health. Its most unique characteristics include the total absence of a screen and that it is capable of detecting the mood of the wearer just by listening to their tone of voice.

But how does this bracelet work? As already announced by the company itself, the Amazon Halo system uses artificial intelligence to know the user’s healthy habits and, in this way, offer them a more specific and personalized report on their physical condition. What really differentiates this application from the rest is that it has no screen, which, on the other hand, means that the bracelet will not be constantly sending notifications to the user. On the contrary, what it does include is a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light and a button to turn the microphones on or off, among other functions. In addition, it can also be used in water and the battery can last up to seven days.

However, the function of the new invention created by Jeff Bezos’ company focuses on the measurement of five parameters with which it manages to create its own profile of the client’s state of health. First of all, ‘Amazon Halo Band’ assesses not only the number of steps taken by the individual but the intensity with which they carry out their physical activity and the “duration of movement” and motivates the user to achieve greater performance by granting them a reward depending on the exercise you do: more points for running than for walking. As if this were not enough, the ‘app’ punishes the client by withdrawing one point for every hour for eight hours of sedentary time in a day, not counting the sleep time.

In addition, the bracelet evaluates the user’s sleep and rest hours (the time that they remain awake and asleep) and even the temperature of their skin while they are resting, thanks to the sensors on the band allow continuous sleep monitoring. And if you thought Amazon Halo was also going to score something as vain as the dream, you’re right. It also provides information on any deviation from the baseline sleep temperature and a hypnogram showing the time spent in each phase of sleep.

Another data that this smart bracelet shows is the body fat index. According to the company itself, this information is “as accurate” as doctors and “almost as accurate” as provided by a smart scale. How do you get it? Thanks to the mobile camera; the client takes several full-body photos and the ‘app’ creates a 3D model. So far, all the services it offers seem more or less comparable to the rest of smart bracelets, however, ‘Amazon Halo Band’ offers something really new: it analyzes the user’s mood according to their tone of voice. In this way, it also measures their social and emotional state.

Now, ‘Amazon Halo Band’ is only available at the moment in the United States, where it can be obtained for a price of $ 99.99, although now it will only be available in “Early Access” and by invitation at a price of $ 64.99. While the subscription, for its part, will cost $ 3.99 per month (it is not included in Prime and consists of three months of the free trial) and will automatically renew.

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