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Xiaomi triple bet on smart watches: the Huami Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Stratos 3 and Amazfit X arrive

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Xiaomi has long raised its commitment in the field of wearables, and for this it created its Huami brand that is responsible for the development of quantifying watches and bracelets of the Amazfit family. Now that family grows, and it does so remarkably with three new models.

These are the Amazfit GTS, which stand out for their high-density square screen format, the Amazfit Stratos 3 that redouble efforts in monitoring physical activity and the striking Amazfit X, “lightweight smart watches” that stand out for their screen design AMOLED high density curve.

Amazfit GTS

The renewal of the family has been spectacular in recent weeks. The arrival of the Amazfit Bip 2 and the Amazfit Smart Watch 2 just two months ago was followed shortly after by the Amazfit GTR that stood out for its autonomy of up to 24 days and its AMOLED screen.

Now comes the Amazfit GTS, a new model that is a special version of the GTR but that adopts a completely different format and goes from using a circular screen to a rectangular AMOLED screen that reminds a lot of that of the Apple Watch and that stands out for its density of 341 dpi and its 100% support of the NTSC color gamut, even exceeding 326 dpi of the Apple watch.

SCREEN 1.65 inches AMOLED
348×442 pixels, 341 dpi, Gorilla Glass 3
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm, 24.8 g (without strap)
DRUMS 220 mAh LiPo
RESISTANCE Water and dust, submersible (50 m deep, 5 ATM)
SOFTWARE Amazfit OS, compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 or higher
CONNECTIVITY AND SENSORS GPS + GLONASS, gyroscope, accelerometer, pulse measurement BioTracker, MFC, Bluetooth 5.0
PRICE From 899 yuan (about 113 euros to change)

This screen is configurable in terms of how to display information thanks to five interface modules that can be customized, and the manufacturer has made 100 different areas available to users for the final aspect of the interface. The 20 mm straps are easily removable, and highlights the reduced weight of the watch, less than 25 g without the straps.

It is also a model especially suitable for water sports and especially for swimming: it can be submerged at 50 m depth and withstand pressures of 5 ATM. It also supports 12 training modes with various activities and has a cardiac sensor, NFC connectivity for example for mobile payments and the already essential Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to pair it with iOS or Android phones.

The battery of 220 mAh promises according to the manufacturer an autonomy of 14 days with a modest activity of use even of GPS and NFC, and up to 46 days if we use the watch in a limited way.

Amazfit Stratos 3

Another of Amazfit’s proposals is the renewal of the Stratos fame that now reaches its third device, the Amazfit Stratos 3, also known as Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3. The Full Moon screen with sapphire crystal and titanium bezel (for the Elite Edition) is one of the key elements of this new round design with a size of 1.34 inches.

This watch is more ambitious in terms of its monitoring of physical activity and its power, and despite having a battery larger than 300 mAh its battery is 14 days in “Ultra” mode (with reduced use of its connectivity) and 7 days with a more intense use. According to those responsible for Huami, with the GPS sensor running all the time the autonomy reaches 70 hours, a figure not negligible (it is 25 hours in the Amazfit GTS).

SCREEN 1.34 inches AMOLED
320×320 pixels
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 48.6 mm in diameter, 13.4 mm thick, 59.6 g (without strap)
DRUMS 300 mAh LiPo
STORAGE 4 GB eMMC (1.9 GB for the user)
RESISTANCE Water and dust, submersible (50 m deep, 5 ATM)
SOFTWARE Amazfit OS, compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 or higher
CONNECTIVITY AND SENSORS GPS + GLONASS, gyroscope, accelerometer, pulse measurement BioTracker, MFC, Bluetooth 4.2
PRICE From 1299 yuan (about 163 euros to change)

This quantifying watch consists of 19 sports modes and its design highlights the four physical buttons that allow you to control the functions of the watch in an alternative way to the touch screen when we need them. The straps are 22 mm and in the base model the bezel is 316L stainless steel.

Physical activity monitoring is especially ambitious with monitoring of maximum oxygen consumption (Vo2Max) and recovery times, among other relevant data. This is helped by the BioTracker heart rate sensor, which Huami says is as accurate as some chest pulsometers.

GPS accuracy has also been improved with the integration of a Sony GNSS chip that supports both GPS and GLONASS, Beidou or Galileo. You can even combine these systems to improve the accuracy of location monitoring.

Amazfit X

The last (but not least) protagonist of the renovation is the Amazfit X, a light watch in smart bracelet format that reminds the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro for that high-resolution AMOLED curved screen.

The manufacturer does not give in this case too many details about the specifications of this model and focuses on the information on its 2.07-inch screen with a “flexible 92 ° curve” that has a density of 326 dpi, 100 support % of RGB gamut.

In its metallic chassis a pressure sensitive button is included that replaces the traditional crown of these watches. The battery – no data on its capacity – has an estimated autonomy of 7 days.

At the moment this model is not available: it will go on sale in 2020 but it shows the path that Xiaomi and Huami want to take when it comes to promoting the division of wearables with an Amazfit family that is certainly more interesting and complete than ever.

Price and availability of the Amazfit GTS, Stratos 3 and X

The prices and availability of the new smart watches of the Amazfit family of Huami / Xiaomi are the following:

  • Amazfit GTS: it is priced at 899 yuan (about 113 euros to change), it is already available in China, its availability outside this country is unknown.
  • Amazfit Stratos 3: It is priced at 1,299 yuan (about 163 euros) for the standard model and 1,699 yuan (213 euros) for the Elite version. It is also already available in China, its availability outside this country is unknown.
  • Amazfit X: the price has not been revealed, since it will go on sale in the year 2020.
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