13 unbelievable facts: That will happen on the internet in a minute

13 unbelievable facts: That will happen on the internet in a minute
13 unbelievable facts: That will happen on the internet in a minute

How much money would you expect to spend on the internet in a minute? $ 10,000? $ 100,000? No, it’s just under a million US dollars. Who exactly takes it: 996,956 US dollars.

This will happen in a minute on the Internet in 2019

But this number is far from the most impressive. What happens in the widths of the net in just 60 seconds is sometimes unbelievable.

Every year, Lori Lewis , vice president of US media house Modern Luxury, and creator Chadd Callahan examines how we behave on the web. Together, they present the results in a clear overview.

We have picked out the most exciting numbers for you.


In one minute on the Internet, we will send around 3.8 million search queries to Google in 2019 to Google.


During the same period, about one million people log into their account around the world on Facebook.


There are even two exciting numbers about the emerging Instagram network. On the one hand, we scroll users over 347,222 posts every minute . On the other hand we cancel 46,200 new posts via our accounts.


In just 60 seconds, YouTube users watch an incredible 4.5 million videos.


Slightly lower, the numbers still fall on Twitch. However, the streaming network also has a much smaller user base. In a minute, the videos there come to at least a million views.


Although Snapchat likes to be labeled as a teen app, there is minute interaction on the platform. After all, 2.1 million snaps are created in just 60 seconds.


And what happens during a minute on the internet on Twitter? Relatively little in relation to the other networks and platforms. So there are only 87,500 active users of the short message service.


It’s hot on Tinder – and that’s not just because many users are looking for (quick) love. In just 60 seconds, there are 1.4 million swipes within the app .


Compared to Google, Facebook and Twitter, GIF files on the Internet have not been widely established for so long. But the rise of the format is rapid. In just one minute on the Internet 2019 4.8 million GIFs will be played.


Incredibly appear also the numbers, which present Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan to Netflix. According to the survey, 694,444 hours of series and movies are watched on the streaming platform in just one minute.


In the same time frame – in just a few minutes – users around the world send over 188 million emails. Why is that so interesting?


Because the e-mail is declared dead, especially in the marketing context. The communication channel of the future is Messenger. But via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Co., just 41.6 million messages will be sent in one minute .


The final fact about the events in one minute on the Internet 2019 concerns apps. Every minute, we download 390,030 helpful applications across our smartphones across our systems.

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