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5 series starring the actors of Game of Thrones

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Has your hunger for Game of Thrones become implacable? Even if in these weeks the episodes of the eighth and last season are sipped of seven days in seven days, you might want to immerse yourself in a different way in the atmospheres of Westeros. One way is to look for the protagonists of the series, especially the historical ones, in other serial productions. It is not unusual, in fact, that the fame obtained with the Hbo title has led many cast members, more or less previously known, to get new roles immediately.

Let’s see some of them.

Sean Bean was certainly one of the best-known actors of the initial cast of Game of Thrones: he had already distinguished himself in films like GoldenEye, Troy but above all in the first film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Undoubtedly his fame reached its peak with the role of Ned Stark. After the beheading of the character, however, the actor found a home in several other television productions, including the unlucky Accused or Legends. But he certainly found a leading role in Frankenstein Chronicles.

The costume production of Itv, available from us on Netflix, reimagines the story of Dr. Frankenstein: Bean in fact interprets the inspector John Marlott who, in the nineteenth century, finds a corpse re-emerged from the Thames and composed of parts of different human bodies, first clue to a hallucinated and gruesome investigation but studded with different characters of the time (from Dickens to Ada Lovelace). Tireless, Bean is also the protagonist of The Oath, Sony’s crime series still unpublished in Italy but which last February debuted in the United States with its second season.

2. Bodyguard

Another unfortunate member of the Stark family, Robb, met an unhappy fate in the Red Wedding but his actor, Richard Madden, from the release of Game of Thrones gained several important roles. First of all he played Cosimo de ‘Medici in the international production I Medici: Masters of Florence, now available on RaiPlay and Netflix, but then he also played the role of agent Ross in the anthology taken from Philip K Dick Electric Dreams (from us on Amazon Prime Video). But the production that gave him considerable acclaim is the recent Bodyguard.

The six episodes of the British series produced by the BBC and which we are streaming on Netflix see him as Sergeant David Budd, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan with several post-war traumas entrusted with the protection of the interior minister Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). The woman’s personal ambition and her controversial political plans make her the target of several enemies and Budd will have to protect her despite her aversion to authority and politics. What emerges is a psychological thriller full of tension and ambiguity.

3. Picnic at Hanging Rock

In Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer played Margaery Tyrell, one of the few women who, succeeding in marrying three kings consecutively, gave Cersei a hard time, before it blew her up in the temple of Baelor. Also known for his roles in series such as I Tudor, Elementary but also for the films of the Hunger Games, Dormer immediately found new luster in the Australian miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock, which we broadcast on Sky Atlantic.

Taken from the homonymous novel by Joan Lindsay of 1967, the six episodes tell of three female students of a boarding school who, engaged in a walk at the foot of the Hanging Rock mountains on Valentine’s Day in 1900, mysteriously disappear into thin air. Dormer plays Hester Appleyard, the principal of the girls’ school who must deal with this disappearance that will trigger a series of hysteria and mysteries that will have a significant impact on the lives of all the women involved.

4. Frontier

Jason Momoa is now universally recognized as Aquaman, the aquatic superhero of the recent exploits of the DC film universe that has hit the box office after his first appearance in the Justice League. But first of all he had obviously been Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones, the fearsome leader of the nomadic population of the Dothraki fundamental for the start of the story of the future mother of the dragons Daenerys. Meanwhile, however, Momoa had carved out another television role.

Let’s talk about the Frontier series, now in its third season on Netflix. The actor plays here Declan Harp, a man of Irish ancestry but also Native Americans who, in colonial Canada at the end of the eighteenth century, finds himself embroiled in a clandestine war against the company of the Hudson Bay, which holds the monopoly of the fur trade but he practices it in a corrupt and unfair way.

5. Top of the Lake

Although Gwendoline Christie is certainly not a former member of the Game of Thrones cast, it’s likely that his character, Brienne of Tarth, meets the end in the final episodes of the current season. But it is above all interesting to note that in the meantime it has distinguished itself in original roles. In fact, he plays the masked role of Capitain Phasma in Star Wars at the cinema, both in The Awakening of the Force and in The Last Jedi. On TV, on the other hand, she was among the protagonists of the second season of Top of the Lake, the refined Australian series created by director Jane Campion and aired by us on Sky Atlantic.

In the second cycle of episodes titled China Girl, and centered precisely on finding the body of a young girl of Chinese origin, Christie stars alongside Elizabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman in the role of policewoman Miranda Hilmarson. Together with the protagonist Robin Griffin (Moss) he begins to investigate the nauseating and underground world of the prostitution ring that animates the slums of Sydney.

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