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‘A Quiet Place Part II’: Remarkable Sequel That Rightly Expands John Krasinski’s Terrifying Universe

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Jiya Saini
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A Quiet Place Part II gave reason to Paramount’s patience when it came to finding the ideal date so that the effects of the coronavirus did not reduce their income at the box office. With the best collection in a weekend in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, experts confess that John Krasinski has managed to shape a remarkable continuation that also leaves you wanting a more than likely third installment.

A measured evolution

The most common thing in a sequel is to choose to simply repeat the structure of its predecessor, to build a (not so) new adventure or to opt for a more or less direct continuation that helps the franchise really grow. The script for ‘A quiet place 2’ signed by Krasinski alone tends towards the latter, choosing to extend our knowledge both backward and forwards, further enhancing its aspect as a visual spectacle whenever the creatures make an appearance.

This means that there is also room for a flashback around the incident that caused some terrible creatures guided by sound to annihilate most of society, something that the film also takes advantage of to introduce the character played by Cillian Murphy, who to his this way comes to fill the void left by Krasinski himself.

One of the successes of ‘A quiet place 2’ is that there it never gives the feeling of repeating itself since the introduction of its character is more a first step towards opening the world of the Abbott family more towards the possible existence of more survivors. That need for a greater hope than the fact of having already discovered a way to end creatures is the basis on which a film is built, in any case, once again opts for the oppressive when it comes to creating anguish around of its protagonists.

And is that any oversight in ‘A quiet place 2’ can be fatal, but Krasinski once again opts for a more intimate approach that allows the characters and also the viewer to breathe. Come on, it maintains the style of its predecessor but providing new details that allow us to see a certain evolution in it and not a mere repetition of past achievements.

Accurate and effective

However, it would be a bit unfair to give all the credit to Krasinski, since it is true that he shoots clearly and precisely, but the contributions of editor Michael P. Sawyer are essential to give additional energy to a story that is itself pretty straightforward. In fact, one of the most exhilarating aspects of the show is the successful use of parallel mounting during the final leg to bring intensity levels to peak.

That partially compensates for the fact that in ‘A quiet place 2’ there is no specific sequence as inspired as the best moments of the first installment. It is true that losing the surprise factor always limits that aspect, but there the film lacks that additional shine to leave a greater mark on the memory of the viewer. Note that Krasinski knows how to handle the tension inherent in the story quite well, but lacks that flash of genius that was occasionally present in the first.

In return, it is very appreciated that you opt for continuity but not for servility. ‘A quiet place 2’ has no problem planning its path and walking it in a simple and direct way. Perhaps it weighs a little how abrupt its outcome may be, but in the end it is still a suitable closure to everything that had been raised.

For the rest, the cast grows, yes, but overwhelmingly for the most part it returns to revolve around the survivors of the first installment with the addition of Murphy. All of them know how to reflect very well the pain that plagues their characters, but also the need to continue fighting. Of course, what was mentioned before about the surprise factor also applies a little and for example the great work of Emily Blunt does not impact with the same precision.

In short

It’s true that ‘A Quiet Place 2’ falls short of the first installment, in part because it’s impossible for it to have the same impact capacity, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a sequel that knows what it wants to tell and how to do it well enough to more than justify its existence.

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