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Adele reveals ‘biggest risk’ of her life she has ever taken

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During a chat, Singer Adele, the mum-of-one gave an emotional glimpse into her new music, revealing why she cries ‘to quite a few’ of her upcoming songs.

Adele called her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki “the biggest risk” she’s ever taken.

The Easy On Me singer, 33, announced her divorce from the charity CEO, with whom she has a son named Angelo, in 2019.

She is now dating Rich Paul, and they recently made their relationship public.

Her latest song is about the collapse of her marriage, and other songs on her upcoming album 30 are about her sorrow as well.

During an interview with Vogue for the 73 Questions segment, she was asked about the ‘biggest risk’ she’s ever taken, and she didn’t have to think twice before answering, ‘leaving my marriage.’

Adele, in true Adele way, turned the traditional interview on its head, concluding that 73 questions were insufficient.

During the interview, the mother-of-one also shared an emotional glimpse into her upcoming album, revealing that she cries “to quite a few” of the songs.

We believe we’ll need to stock up on tissues before pushing play…

She also revealed when we might expect to see her back on the road and touring.

“As soon as possible, I’m ready to go, really,” she added.

“‘It’s just up to Covid-19. 

“So keep wearing your mask and don’t be spreading that Delta and who knows!”

Adele and Simon started dating in 2011 and were thought to have married in 2016, with the singer referring to him as her “husband” in her acceptance speeches the following year.

However, in a Vogue article, the Oscar winner confessed that they did not marry until 2018, and that they divorced shortly after.

The Rolling In The Deep star didn’t say how long her marriage lasted, but said:

“I’m not gonna go into that detail, remember I am embarrassed. This is very embarrassing. It wasn’t very long.”

Despite their breakup, they appear to have maintained a good relationship for Angelo, with Simon living across the street in Los Angeles.

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