Angelina Jolie breaks the silence and confesses the hardest thing she lived with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie breaks the silence and confesses the hardest thing she lived with Brad Pitt
Image by AFP / Carl Court

The American actress Angelina Jolie, ex-partner of Brad Pitt, decided to reveal more details about the end of their relationship and how she faced the breakup to overcome this difficult moment.

“It was a difficult moment. I didn’t recognize what I had become. How to say it? It was smaller, insignificant. I felt a deep and real sadness, I was hurt,” Jolie confessed.

In the interview that the actress had with Le Figaro, she also described that the moment of her breakup with Pitt was an “interesting reason to reconnect with this humility and even that insignificance” that she felt.

She added that the most difficult thing after the separation was finding herself and overcoming some health problems.

“All these things settle in you and remind you of how lucky you are to be alive. I am more resistant than before, but it is still a difficult time (…). I have to rediscover joy,” she explained.

When explaining that for her the role of mother is her priority above all, she also admitted that she lives permanently in Los Angeles because of her ex-partner and father of her children.

“I am not really attached to this city. I would prefer to travel more frequently, but today it is not compatible with Brad’s work. I cooperate,” she explained.

About her professional career, the actress who gave birth to Maleficent assured that at the moment she has no plans to get involved in long-term projects and considered that being an actress makes it easier for her to have more free time to dedicate to her children.

“Playing a strong character like the evil Queen of Maleficent is a form of therapy. Playing a powerful character can really help you rebuild when you don’t feel your best,” she admitted.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were considered one of the most established couples in Hollywood. However, after 10 years together, in 2016 they parted ways amid accusations and a wave of speculation about the reasons for their breakup and none of them had given more detail publicly. The ex-partner has six children, all of whom live with Angelina Jolie in the United States.