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Anthony Hopkins’ funny dance to the beat of Elvis Crespo

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The 83-year-old Oscar winner is a fan of social media and shares his daily life with his millions of followers around the world.

Anthony Hopkins again showed his great sense of humor. This Tuesday, the Oscar winner shared a video of him dancing to the rhythm of the song “Your smile” on his social media accounts, one of the hits of the Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo.

With a summery look, a floral shirt, and a red swimsuit, the prestigious actor taught some dance steps in a short clip that obviously fascinated his millions of followers, which highlighted the great energy of the movie star, who in December turned 83 years.

The protagonist of “Silence of the Innocents” received thousands of comments with his publication, which within a few minutes online already had more than 200 thousand reproductions.

Demonstrating his great humility, the Hollywood star also took the time to respond to some of his fans who wrote to him to express their admiration.

Last December, the actor celebrated his 45 years of sobriety, urging others to “keep fighting” amid the pandemic in a video he shared on Instagram and Twitter.

“Today 45 years ago, I had a wake-up call. I was heading for disaster drinking myself to death,” Hopkins said. “I got a message, a little thought that said: Do you want to live or die? And I said, I want to live. And suddenly relief came and my life has been incredible.”

The Welsh-born interpreter also sent words of support to those struggling with addictions amid the pandemic: “Today is the tomorrow that you were so worried about yesterday. Stay strong. Do not give up, keep fighting, be brave, powerful forces will come to your aid. That is what has sustained me all my life.

And he also admitted that he has moments of doubt but that life has been “amazing” since he stopped drinking. “I have my days off, sometimes small doubts and all that, but, in general, I say keep resisting,” said the actor in his sense message.

In 2019, the prolific movie star opened up about her personal struggles over alcohol abuse with Brad Pitt for Interview magazine. Both interpreters, who have been friends since they filmed the blockbuster movie “Do you know Joe Black?”, Spoke honestly about their problems with alcohol and offered details of their lives after giving up this addiction.

Pitt shared with Hopkins that he is still “struggling with guilt.” “I am realizing as an act of forgiveness towards myself that I value the missteps that I have taken, the choices that I have made that I am not proud of, because they gave me some wisdom. You can’t have one without the other,” said Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband.

Hopkins was also honest and acknowledged that it hurt to review the past. “I did bad things,” reflected the veteran actor. “It’s weird looking back and thinking, ‘God, I did all those things,’ but it’s like there’s an inner voice saying, ‘It’s over. Done. Keep going”.

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