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Brayden Smith, the five-game champion of ‘Jeopardy!’ is no more in this world

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The five-time ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Brayden Smith died unexpectedly during the last week. The family did not declare the cause of death. He died in Las Vegas at a very young age of 24.

Brayden Smith’s mother Debbie tweeted early on Friday: “We are so grateful that Brayden was able to live out his dream on @jeopardy.”

Brayden Smith had won a cash prize of $117,798 in the show. He appeared when it was Alex Tabrek’s closing week on the show.

While the show happened to be taped during October, on November 8 Alex Tabrek breathed his last following the cancer of the pancreas. Six episodes of Brayden were aired from December 15 to 18, and January 5 to 6.

In a video posted on the website of the show Brayden expressed his gratitude saying, “I’m really grateful for everything, all the opportunities that I had. I’m just glad that we were able to do it and I’m glad I was able to show what I was capable of.” Smith had graduated last year from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

His family had shared the obituary with Las Vegas Review-Journal. It stated that Smith was interning with the Cato Institute of Washington. He was also keen on becoming a government attorney and was looking forward to joining the law school.

The Obituary read of him as a “voracious reader and autodidact, a lover of knowledge and an advocate for justice.”

The “Jeopardy!” offered condolences to the champion’s family via their Twitter handle, calling him kind,  funny, and brilliant. They also expressed their grief saying that the ‘Jeopardy!’ family is heartbroken.

Brayden, in his video about his journey on ‘Jeopardy!’ said that he was excited to appear in a tournament of Jeopardy champions!  “The tournament of champions was my favorite tournament every year since I was a kid. These people are some of my trivia idols,” he said.

However, the cause of this young, talented, and lively guy’s death, continues to remain a mystery.

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