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“Can’t Wait”: John Krasinski shares how he feels about the new director of “Quiet Place 3”

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Director and actor John Krasinski is the creator of the successful films A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2, but the third part of the story about the Abbot family is directed by another director, Jeff Nichols.

It’s worth noting that this original sci-fi movie was a huge hit, and Paramount Pictures immediately began plans to make it a franchise.

During an interview with Empire, Krasinski told how it was for him to transfer “his creation” into the hands of another director – Jeff Nichols. 

John admitted that he is actually very pleased with the fact that he is not filming “Quiet Place 3”, and noted that it was Nichols who was the first candidate for the role of the new director of the film.

“Truly the only person I had in mind when asked whether I would hand this off was Jeff. I think he’s one of the best filmmakers, Mud is one of my favourite movies, and so real and intimate. It’s exactly the sort of paints we’re painting with in A Quiet Place – very organic characters you fall in love with. So he was my first choice for this, and when he said yes I was over the moon. I pitched him my story, he’s gone and developed the world on his own with that jumping-off point, and I’m so thrilled. He’s actually just turning in a script now, and I loved it. I absolutely loved it, and I can’t wait to see him shoot this thing,” says Krasinski.

As for where A Quiet Place Part II leaves off, Krasinski tee’d up the potential story consequences of Regan’s game-changing broadcast in the final reel.

“The ending of the last shot is, now that the world knows about [the signal that the creatures are vulnerable to], what will the world do with this answer, or with this weapon? Will they be responsible with it, or will they not be responsible with it?”

We may well find out in 2023.

As a reminder, A Quiet Place 2 grossed the largest box office on its first weekend since the coronavirus pandemic, surpassing Godzilla vs. Kong.

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

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