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Catherine Zeta-Jones shares the secrets of the perfect figure

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The famous movie star confirmed the power of her own beauty recipes with candid pictures.

The famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones boasted of an ideal figure at 51 and revealed her secrets to fans of how to keep in shape.

According to her, in order to have a slender figure, she completely gave up sweets.

In addition, Katherine regularly goes in for sports. She trains on a treadmill and an ellipse, and the actress “dances non-stop for an hour” every day.

Some difficulties with maintaining the figure of the movie star arose during the quarantine, when the whole family was at home and ate together three times a day.

“I’m a big kind of European, three meals a day [person],” she says. “In the whole lockdown, I relished having my kids and my husband here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“It was very difficult to resist the temptation of dessert in the family circle,” said the actress.

She and Douglas have two children together, son Dylan Michael Douglas, 20, and daughter Carys Zeta Douglas, 17.

However, the famous mother still considers this is one of the best time because the whole family was gathered, which is very rare in everyday life.

Katherine has shared some amazing photos that prove her work on herself, and won another flurry of admiration from her fans.

Zeta-Jones was born in Wales and got her start in London’s West End theater district. She relocated to Los Angeles in the 1990s and went on to star in movies including The Mask of ZorroTraffic and America’s Sweethearts.

She won an Oscar for best supporting actress, as well as a Critics’ Choice Award and a BAFTA, for her 2002 portrayal of the murderous showgirl Velma in the musical movie Chicago.

These days, she’s filming the second season of Prodigal Son—which comes back to Fox on April 13—playing Dr. Vivian Capshaw opposite Michael Sheen’s Dr. Martin Whitly.

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