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Darker and more violent than ever: the first trailer for ‘Batman’ comes to light

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The Warner Bros. Pictures company presented the first official movie trailer for its new version of the ‘Batman’, starring Robert Pattinson.

The new film, much darker and more violent than previous instalments of the franchise, chronicles a series of enigmatic murders in Gotham that the young billionaire Bruce Waine investigates with the police.

In addition, he seeks revenge for the murder of his parents. Thus, in one of the scenes in the trailer, he can be seen brutally beating a man. When he asks who he is, he only replies that it’ss “revenge.”

As revealed by director Matt Reeves, the film – which he called the film “a classic noir ” is based on cult films such as Taxi Driver, Chinatown and The French Connection.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for October 1, 2021. As for the cast, it will feature Zoe Kravitz -who will play Catwoman, Paul Dano, who will play the villain Enigma, and Colin Farrell, who will put himself in the shoes of the sinister mobster Penguin.

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