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This is how Disney tricks your brain into making the queues in its parks seem shorter

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Visitors to Disney theme parks often spend more time waiting in line than enjoying the attractions. However, the mythical company has some tricks so you do not end up disappointed.

Here we explain how it hacks your brain. There is no doubt that the Walt Disney Company understands that lines at its theme parks are inevitable. The expert in queues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Richard Larson explained in an interview with the Popular Science that one of Disney’s tricks is to prevent the tail from forming a straight line.

Instead, they create a kind of zigzag maze in which visitors are separated by walls. In this way, you cannot see tens or even hundreds of people who are ahead. You also cannot leave the line. 

Another trick is to decorate the corridors with comics, curious objects or even screens in order to distract you during the wait, in addition to occupying your brain, so that time passes faster.

The last method is called the Machiavellian twist. It consists of creating a kind of distortion of the perception of time. The secret is to make you think that you have spent less time in the queue than indicated on the counter. For example, you assumed that you would be waiting for an hour, but you realize that it took only 40 minutes. This trick gives you a feeling of victory.

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