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Fired Mandalorian star accuses Disney of bullying

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Gina Carano accuses Disney for “bullying” and says it was unfair of Disney to have fired her just because she held different political views.

MMA fighter and actress Gina Carano was fired from the Mandalorian after controversial social media posts. In an interview with political columnist Ben Shapiro, she accused Disney of bullying her and their alleged ‘double standards’.

Lucasfilm outcasted Gina Carano following her controversial post on social media, in which she apparently struck a comparison between the Republicans of the US and the Jews during the Holocaust. This has not only resulted in a massive public outrage but has also cost her the role of Kara Dune that she was assigned, marking an abrupt end to her filming for Lucasfilm and Disney.

Carano had also attempted to explain the context of her instagram post by saying that it was simply with regard to the “gentle spirit” of the Jews and the what they had gone through during the inexplicable pain of the holocaust period. Adding that she never thought of the controversial angle that could be perceived of the post, Carano said she just believed it could go self-reflective call to the people.

“I went through a lot and saw a lot, for example, bullying. I am not the only person who was bullied in this company. I could tell a story that would change the situation in the media, but I cannot, otherwise I will substitute a friend. And although with him I have different views, I would not sell a person to divert attention from myself,” Carano said.

The actress also recalled that her colleague Pedro Pascal was not deprived of his role in “The Mandalorian” when in 2018 he on Twitter compared the children of immigrants in cages with Jews in concentration camps. She called this attitude on the part of Disney double standards.

Recall that the character Carano was one of the most popular in the series Mandlorez and the Lucasfilm film studio planned to devote a separate show to her on Disney +. However, due to the political position of Gina, all contracts with her were terminated.

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