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Game of Thrones: the trailer for the second episode of the Season Eight

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Kuldeep Singh
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The first, highly anticipated episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones aired on the night between 14 and 15 April simultaneously in the United States on Hbo. The première, “Winterfell”, has reserved the resounding return of the favourite characters of the series, including confirmations and revelations, but the eyes are already focused on what will happen exactly in seven days: the second episode of this cycle, in fact, whose title has not yet been revealed yet the American channel has already released the trailer images of what will happen.

Resuming the last scenes of the first episode, that is the arrival of Jaime in the stronghold of the North, here in the first sequences of the clip of anticipation the Lannister is found in front of Daenerys, which says: “When I was little my brother tells me of the bedtime stories about the man who had killed our father, about all the things we would have done to that man “. It must not be forgotten, in fact, that it was Jaime to kill King Aerys Targaryen by treachery, earning himself the title of King Dredger. Immediately afterwards, the reliability of Cersei is questioned, while obsidian weapons are forged to face the Strangers Arya utters disturbing phrases: “Death has different faces, I can’t wait to see this”.

In a quick response and response between Jon Snow and Tormund, it is clear that the time available for Winterfell’s allies is coming to an end: “before the sun rises tomorrow” the forces of Daenerys and Stark will come face to face with the horde led by the King of the night. Everything portends that many crucial events will take place in this preparatory episode for the great battle that will presumably be held in the third episode. The appointment is on the night between 21 and 22 April.

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