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It seems Kanye West and Kim Kardashian “are not on the same page”

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Amid the news relating to the couple’s plan of separation, Kim Kardashian was recently spotted without her wedding ring. Kanye was seen deeply upset while his wedding band was still on.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been in the news for their distressed marriage for a long time now. But the latest hints of separation were seen when Kim was spotted without her wedding ring on, which supposedly is a precursor of the couples’ split.

According to the sources, Kanye was seen dressed all white and was spotted outside his Malibu office in California and looked quite dejected. Despite the news of separation in the air, Kanye was seen wearing his wedding band.

Credit: BackGrid
Credit: BackGrid

The celebrity couple who were once called as a power-couple with 4 super adorable kids are now drifting apart. Kim Kardashian who is a celebrated model and the owner of a large cosmetic business KKW Beauty is planning a divorce with her husband Kanye West who is a popular American rapper and designer.

The couple had been through some rough times in the past year. However, it was in January of 2021 that the reports of Kim wanting to split with her husband started to float.

Apparently, the raper is battling with accepting the truth of their separation. One of their sources stated Kanye being anxious and sad. He has lost hopes in the marriage and is convinced of the end of their journey as a married couple. “He knows what he’s losing in Kim.”

According to the insiders, “They are just not on the same page when it comes to their future as a family. And Kim is okay with it.”

The sources also revealed that West has not made any effort in trying to help things better or sore. They also said that “He hasn’t really fought for her and hasn’t been around the kids or the Kardashian family.”

The couple is parents to 4 kids out of which two are daughters and the rest are sons. Daughters North and Chicago are 7.5 and 3 years old. Sons Saint and Osalm and aged 5 and 2 years old respectively. Sources also said of Kim wanting West to be a part of their children’s lives and that he can see them anytime he wants.

“She has never threatened to keep him from the kids. She only requires that he is not going to damage them. Kanye can FaceTime the kids anytime he wants. He hasn’t been great about that, but everyone is encouraging him to do it,” sources said.

Although the legal divorce has not been filed yet, the separation of the two is strongly contemplated.

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