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Joe Rogan warns listeners ‘straight white men won’t be allowed to talk’ due to ‘woke culture’

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In a fiery prediction of the future of woke culture, while sharing his experience to fellow comedian Joe List, American comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan said: “it will eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk.”

Mr. Rogan further explained about how there “are people that are taking advantage of this weirdness in our culture” and that human beings should just be “nice to each other”.

His fiery claims are the latest example of Mr. Rogan voicing his strong opinions to listeners.

Mr Rogan claimed:

You can never be woke enough, that is the problem, it keeps going.

It keeps going further and further and further down the line and if you get to the point where you capitulate where you agree to all these demands.

It will eventually get to ‘straight white men are not allowed to talk’.

And in a fiery statement, the UFC commentator said:

Because it is your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history.

The comedian continued by saying:

It will be ‘you’re not allowed to go outside” because so many people were being imprisoned for so many years.

I’m not joking! It really will get there.

It is that crazy.

The podcast host added:

We have just got to be nice to each other man!.

Mr Rogan went on to explain why ‘woke culture’ has emerged in the USA and what is driving the attitudes and people behind it.

He said:

There are a lot of people that are taking advantage of this weirdness in our culture.

And then that becomes their ‘thing’.

Their thing is calling people out for their privilege, calling people out for their position.

Joe Rogan has hosted the Joe Rogan Experience since 2009 and has interviewed a host of celebrities, musicians, politicians and famous faces during that time.

The comedian has described himself as socially liberal, supporting same-sex marriage, gay rights, women’s rights, recreational drug use, universal health care, and universal basic income.

The term woke, which indicates a person’s awareness of social issues, has taken on negative connotations among the Conservative political sphere.

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