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Kanye West’s ex-bodyguard opens up: “It’s ten times worse than you think”

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It’s nothing new that Kanye West is special treatment. After assuring that he is as important as Jesus, the rapper has starred in some episodes in which it has become clear that his ego hardly fits in his body. But in case we wanted proof here we have it: the testimony of a former bodyguard who has revealed some of the rarities of Kim Kardashian’s husband.

Steve Stanilus only lasted two weeks in the service of Kanye West but it was enough to realize that working with him could be hell.

The former security member has spoken in the British newspaper The Sun and has been pleased to reveal some of the experiences he had with West. “We went to his music studio and got in the elevator. Kanye stood there with his arms crossed and said to me: ‘Aren’t you going to push the button?’”, He remembers as an initial anecdote and adds: “He went crazy and shouted that his time was valuable and that he couldn’t believe that I didn’t know what floor he was working on.”

Stanilus had previously worked with other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Tobey Macguire, although they had already warned him that his position with Kanye West was going to be difficult to carry out since his predecessors had not held long in office: “I have worked for great celebrities, but had never worked for someone like him. It is ten times worse than you think.”

I am shocked by the large number of bizarre behaviours that I saw in just two weeks. It is his world and everything revolves around him. I don’t know how Kim is still married to him,” adds the ex-bodyguard, a comment that comes just at a time when there is talk of divorce between the couple.

There are many things that make Kanye West angry. “Once he was upset because I appeared in a shot when the paparazzi were taking pictures of him,” says the security guard. One of the rules he had to follow was not to talk to Kim Kardashian and that was done that was the reason he was fired. West saw him talking in a hallway with his wife and threw him out in a withering way.

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