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Kodi.tv runs out of website until further notice

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Jiya Saini
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Kodi is going through a bad time right now, because they have just left their website because their sponsor Acquia Cloud has taken them offline because they consume a lot of resources and need to pay for a dedicated server.

At least that is what they have explained from their Twitter account, they have also made the call to any other hosting company that works with Drupal to see if they help out. And is that if you try to enter Kodi.tv right now you will only receive an error message indicating that there is no content on that website.


This means that the number one site where most users are going to search for information about Kodi or direct downloads of their applications will be offline until further notice. For now, the source code is still available on GitHub, although the rest of the download links on the GitHub page go to Kodi.tv.

If you are looking for the Windows version you can always go to the Microsoft Store, the Android one is available in the Play Store, in iOS there really is no official way to get Kodi. In the case of Linux you will have to go to a repository of your distro, and for Mac you can use a third-party site that hosts it for the moment.

Kodi’s enemies

Seeing this problem it is possible that some think that it is a mechanism of censorship seeking to limit the availability of the famous multimedia center, after all, Kodi does not lack enemies precisely.

But at least for the moment everything seems to indicate that it is a simple problem with the hosting company that hosted them, and from Twitter there seem to be some interested in helping the team bring the site back.

Kodi is one of the most powerful, versatile and popular multimedia management applications, however that popularity and versatility has made it, thanks to its addons, the favorite of many to consume content through unofficial means and has caused the Copyright advocates and the entertainment industry have been targeting it for several years.

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