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Larry Hoover: Fans go wild as Kan’ye’ West and Drake reconcile on stage but “MISS THE OLD KANYE!!”

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Kanye West and Drake surprised fans on Thursday when they finally put their differences aside to perform at the Free Larry Hoover concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum – but they kept audiences waiting for over an hour.

Kanye West and Drake finally put their long-running feud to rest as they performed on stage together in Los Angeles.

On Thursday, the duo performed a special ‘Free Larry Hoover’ concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Drake was a special guest of his old adversary’s for the concert, and fans loved their appearance – despite the fact that they were kept waiting for more than an hour and a half at the start.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts on the live streamed concert.

One user wrote: “@kanyewest and @Drake squashing beef and throwing a concert in LA was the perfect end to 2021 #FreeLarryHoover”

A second said: “Seeing @Drake and @kanyewest performing together on stage is such an iconic moment for hip hop culture. Incredible and thrilled to see this! #KanyeDrakeLive”

Another said: “Genius by @kanyewest and @Drake to walk out to ultralight beam. Perfect balance of harmony and power as they walk down one of the greatest staircases of all time. My personal favorite ye song!”

“Can’t lie, Kanye West and Drake walking up together and dapping up before Kanye hit the stage looked dope,” wrote a third.

And a fourth said: “Yoooooooo are you joking! This is unreal. Fire #FreeLarryHoover @kanyewest @Drake”

Another asked: “@kanyewest @Drake can we please make this into a tour!?!?”

Fans also seemed to appreciate Kanye running through a number of his old hits.

“This is the set I want to hear Kanye sing live.. DAMN I MISS THE OLD KANYE!! #FreeLarryHoover #KanyeWest #KanyeDrakeLive #Drake,” one user wrote.

Another agreed, exclaiming: ” GOLDDIGGER!!!!! #FreeLarryHoover #KanyeWest #Drake #KanyeDrakeLive”

‘Ye and Drake finally ended their long-running feud as they enjoyed a party together last month.

The pair both took to social media at the time to showcase their time together. Drake uploaded two videos, including one of the pair enjoying a hug and sing-along.

He captioned the videos: “You have reached your destination.”

The first video was of comedian Dave Chappelle introducing the musical duo and saying how great it is that “two of the biggest stars on earth” were back in the same room as each other.

In a statement about the one-night concert, Kanye said that the show will “prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride aside and come together”.

The singers had been embroiled in a long-running war of words, with Kanye regularly calling out his apparent former foe on Twitter.

You were reading: Larry Hoover: Fans go wild as Kan’ye’ West and Drake reconcile on stage but “MISS THE OLD KANYE!!”

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