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Lindsey Graham’s History of Hypocrisy Exposed on the Daily Show

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Kuldeep Singh
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The Daily Show alerted their fans of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s habit to flip-flop on key matters due to his “uncontrollable lust for political power”.

Despite Trevor Noah’s summer break, The Daily Show continues to bash conservative commentators and Republican politicians.

This week, the late-night show’s staff created a parody biography of South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, dubbed The Daily Show-ography of Lindsey Graham: Married to the Game and presented by contributor Desi Lydic.

Graham’s biography begins with his time working at his parents’ “restaurant that was also a pool hall, that was also a bar, and a liquor store, that was also the home they lived in.”

“It was basically whatever people wanted it to be,” Lydic said. “The perfect environment for raising a politician.”

Graham was portrayed in the biography as someone who learnt to lie and turn his back on injustices at a young age, anticipating his eventual interest in politics.

Lydic eventually hit as Graham’s abrupt shift in tone toward Donald Trump, whom he had lambasted as a “kook” who was “unfit for government,” only to become one of his most ardent supporters.

“Graham did everything he could to stop the wedding between Donald Trump and America, but if he couldn’t ultimately succeed, then goddammit, he would give up harder than anyone had ever given up before,” said Lydic.

Watch the ruthless biography below, via YouTube.

Photo by Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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