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Lucifer season 5B: D.B. Woodside sheds more light on opening scene of second half

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After waiting for months, Lucifans will be happy to know the release date. Meanwhile, Amenadiel star D.B. Woodside has revealed some details about the upcoming second half of Lucifer season 5.

After months of waiting, Lucifans finally know when the second half of Lucifer’s sensational fifth is going to be released. With almost two months to go before the series is released on Netflix, D.B. Woodside has shared what we will watch in the first episode of Part Two.

D.B. Woodside has teased his character Amenadiel’s first moments in the second half of Lucifer’s fifth season.

After months of waiting, Netflix finally confirmed the series would continue with eight new episodes dropping on Friday, May 28.

The series will pick up after Lucifer Morningstar and Michael (both played by Tom Ellis) faced off in the catastrophic midseason finale last year.

With help from Amenadiel and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), the group of feuding celestials laid waste to the LAPD precinct with a time-stopped showdown.

Thankfully, their brawl was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the angels’ dear old dad, God (Dennis Haysbert) before they got the chance to do some serious damage.

Following one of the most jaw-dropping cliffhangers of the series so far, D.B. Woodside assured fans the next episode will pick up right where Lucifer left off.

Speaking to TV Insider, he recalled: “We ended 5a with God coming down and breaking up a fight between some of his boys.”

Up to this point, the elusive Heavenly Father had avoided all contact with his wayward son Lucifer after the devil staged an uprising in Heaven.

Previously thought to be the show’s last ever instalment, God will now play a major part in the next eight episodes and is hoped to bury the hatchet with the current ruler of Hell.

Woodside continued: “And we are literally going to pick up five seconds after that moment with all three of his sons and God having a word with us.”

God’s first utterances in episode eight, ‘Spoiler Alert’, was a warning to his squabbling children that he hates it when they fight.

Having finally made himself known, it makes sense the creator of the universe could have some even stronger words for his celestial offspring when Netflix finally hits play on season five.

Although fans were preparing for an emotional farewell to the series, the streaming service delighted viewers by renewing Lucifer for a sixth instalment last year.

However, it’s currently unknown whether Haysbert will be reprising his role for the final season.

Additionally, Woodside also hinted that the episode he directed for season six, ‘Save the Devil, Save the World’, could be one of the saddest.

He explained: “Mine is the last episode we will get to see the entire cast, all of the characters together all at the same time for most of the episode.”

“There’s no easy way to say it, it’s sad. This is a cast that actually really loves each other.”

The cast and crew have currently been saying their own farewells after filming wrapped up on season six last week.

After becoming one of Netflix’s most popular shows to date, viewers are already getting ready for the tears to flow when Lucifer delivers its final ten episodes.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 premieres Friday, May 28 on Netflix.

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