Michelle Obama revealed that she is “slightly depressed” and explains why

Michelle Obama revealed that she is

Michelle Obama revealed just a few days ago that she suffers from “slight depression” due to quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic and the battles for racial justice in her country, as well as because of the “hypocrisy” of the Trump administration. The former US first lady said the above in the latest episode of her podcast.

As she specifically describes, “I wake up in the middle of the night because something worries me or because I feel a weight. “I tried to do sports, but there were times during this quarantine that I just did not have the mental strength.” The 56-year-old also revealed that “she had her emotional ups and downs, which everyone feels”. She specifically mentioned that these are moments “during which you do not recognize yourself. It is not a time when we grow spiritually. I know I’m going through a form of mild depression. No, not only because of the quarantine but also because of the tribal battles. And to see this administration, its hypocrisy, day by day, is heartbreaking.”

Michelle Obama Instagram status
Michelle Obama Instagram status

As Michelle puts it in her podcast, it’s “exhausting to wake up and see another new story about a black… who has been mistreated, injured or wrongly accused by someone. This leads to a burden that I have never felt in my life”, as she stressed, “We are in a unique moment in our history. We are going through something that no one has experienced in their life”.

It is worth noting that the first episode of Michelle Obama’s podcast was released on July 29. Michelle’s first guest was her beloved husband and former US President Barack Obama. Taking a seat opposite each other in comfortable seats, the two developed a very interesting and attractive conversation while the former first lady revealed all the reasons why she fell in love with Barack Obama. 

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