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Mike Tyson Dives With Sharks Without A Protective Cage | Video

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American wrestler Mike Tyson dived side by side with several sharks as part of a challenge proposed by Discovery.

In the program aired by the channel on August 10 as part of La Semana del Tiburon — its classic summer program dedicated to sharks — the 54-year-old boxer was invited to participate in a series of activities alongside these animals.

On the show, Tyson vs. Boxing legend Jaws travelled to the Bahamas, where he faced three shark-related challenges. The idea behind the terrifying underwater practices was to try to help Tyson overcome his fears before his promised return to the ring.


“I was scared all the way through and was just trying to get through it alive,” Tyson told the New York Post. “I’m a scary guy but not when it comes to adventurous stuff,” said the fighter who even vomited on the boat before starting the challenge.

In the first task, Tyson had to dive, inside a protective cage, with a group of lemon sharks. In the second stage, the wrestler, who was wearing a special protective outfit, was invited out of this cage. The fighter was allowed to push the animals by the nose if they got too close.

For the final test, Tyson, submerged at nearly 15 meters, had to put a shark in tonic immobility. This kind of knockout is actually a state of inactivity in which sharks can be put by stimulating sensory pores located in their snout.

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