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On a British dating game show, man escorted out to “calm down” after getting too “excited” during filming

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Naked Attraction is a saucy British television dating game show, broadcast on Channel 4 where people get naked on camera, but in one episode things got a little bit too steamy for one male contestant.

The extreme Channel 4 dating series sees six contestants strip down to their birthday suit the hopes of bagging a date.

First airing in July 2016, the bare-all show has been hit with a number of complaints over the full-frontal nudity on display, but some viewers can’t get enough of it.

But in one episode, the sexy set-up became all too much for an unlucky male contestant who was told to leave the set to calm down after he became too “excited” amid the nudity.

The poor bloke had to sort himself out after being exposed in front of the cameras when the floor manager intervened after the incident ‘arose’.

This comes after host Anna Richardson revealed the cringe-worthy moment last month.

Speaking on the Andy Jaye podcast, she explained:

We did have a couple of seasons ago, there was a young man who I think might have been in the pink pod. He was getting a little bit excited about what was about to happen.

So our lovely floor manager, Dave the floor manager, had to go ‘come on’ and just had to escort him off the floor for a little while, just to calm down.

And then he was brought back onto set. It always happens. Boys being boys – you can’t control your anatomy can you? So, there’s been a little bit of excitement.

And contestants don’t just strip down for the duration of your appearance on air as each episode can take up to 12 hours to film, according to Gavin, a former contestant on the show.

The hopefuls are asked to be nude before the cameras start rolling and are often in the studio as early as 7am for filming.

Gavin told iNews in 2017:

It’s a long day. They do some hair and make-up and then you get to meet the people you’re up against

You’ve got about two hours of standing in a box until it all starts. It ended up being from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon to film half an hour of television.

They come round and take loads of pictures for the mash ups. It was quite a lengthy process, but enjoyable.

However, although it’s a long day for those standing in the box, the person picking a date only has to be naked for 15 minutes.

If the contestants get chosen for the date, then they get given a £50 or $70 to spend on drinks and can keep the change if there’s any left off.

However, those who are on standby and don’t get chosen are given £75 or $105 for their time but people don’t get paid to strip off on the show.

The audition process is equally as awkward as the on-air antics, as Gavin revealed that you have to strip off in front of the producers and answer some questions.

Millie Norris, who appeared on the show in 2018, told Fabulous magazine:

It was me and two people in the room, one was a man who filmed me to see how I was on camera.

They asked me some questions then asked me to get unchanged. Then they ask you more questions while you’re sat there naked.

I hadn’t expected them to ask me to get naked on camera in the interview, I don’t think that was mentioned to me before. I was happy doing it, I’m not a shy person, but it was weird.

Millie also revealed that you have to discuss your sexual preferences, turn ons and offs, embarrassing bedroom confessions and whether she liked feet.

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