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Original birthday gift ideas during the coronavirus crisis

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Gifts giving can be a headache for many people. If we know the person very well, we want to surprise them to make it an unforgettable moment; And if it is not someone of such confidence, we are afraid of failing to choose the gift. In any case, the goal is always to make a gift that is original and useful, something that is not easy to find in many stores that we visit.

Luckily, it is becoming easier to buy online, where the possibilities multiply. Something that surely will not fail is to make a personalized gift for that person. An album, an object with a special photo or even a personalized mask are some of the ideas that we can get from places.

Gifts in confinement

During the months of confinement, when you couldn’t leave home, everyone had to figure out how to establish new routines, adapt or occupy their time. Crafts, baking, reading, video calls … among the diversity of possible hobbies and occupations, there are those who dedicated themselves to taking more photos than ever. It has undoubtedly been a season that, despite all the bad, many people have had some good family moments, which have been immortalized.

A good gift for someone close to you can be a personalized album with photographs of this season, which will be an unforgettable memory of the best moments of a bad time. Also, we can include all the images from the first days of what some people call the “new normal”. If we do not have a birthday nearby, we can start thinking about the Christmas and Christmas gifts that always bring us so much rush at the last moment.

If we want something that can be used and not only observed, another possibility is to give a personalized object. We can use a photo or an illustration. We can even use a drawing of our children to capture it on a cushion, a cup or a sheet to decorate the wall. A sheet or a canvas are good options if we do not want to resort to classic framed photography. It will not only be an original gift but it is also lighter and more difficult to break since it does not contain glass.

Personalized masks in the new normal

One of the most innovative and certainly useful ideas is to give away a personalized mask. As with other objects, masks can be personalized with images, drawings, illustrations or any idea that comes to mind. At this time it is essential to comply with safety regulations and protect ourselves with masks, so why not use one that is beautiful and personal?

In addition, cloth masks are better for the environment, since they can be washed and reused, always following the instructions. Today, many disposable masks are already being found in the seabed and other natural places, so this gift can help improve this situation.

Crafts as a birthday gift

In this line, another idea is to make a manual gift, something that always makes everyone who receives it very excited. For this, we must resort to our imagination and patience, and we will obtain surprising results. A calendar with photos and personal phrases, a scarf or crochet top, a keychain or handmade amulet, a collage with travel photos, a glass decorated with special markers or homemade candles are some of the gifts that we can make this year.

Another idea that is increasingly on the rise is to give away experiences. To carry this out, we can organize them or resort to a company or a store. In some establishments, they sell “packs” that already include a list of options, so it is only necessary to reserve the one that we want. Thus, we can offer from a dinner or a wine tasting to a night in a rural house or more extreme experiences such as paragliding or bungee jumping. If we reserve one of these options we must take into account the health situation that exists at the time in the place where we go.

And if we are really fair or just in time, an easy recourse is always to give away transferable “home vouchers” for things we can do or offer. Hugging, cleaning dishes, giving a massage, or telling a story can be some of the things we include in our handmade vouchers. In this case, we only need paper, pen, imagination and motivation to fulfil everything we write in that gift.

In summary, online shopping offers us a wide range of possibilities to offer personalized, original and therefore unique gifts that we can reserve and buy from home. And it is that the details that make most illusion are those that evoke some memory and that are personally thought for the person who is going to receive them.

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