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Pamela Anderson secretly married her bodyguard

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The Playboy star married to Dan Hayhurst, a builder and bodyguard. The couple met last year and quarantined together.

Actress and fashion model Pamela Anderson got married again. She tied the knot with her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst, according to the Daily Mail

The private ceremony took place on Christmas Eve at the Anderson country estate on the west coast of the Canadian island of Vancouver. 

The newlyweds abandoned the lavish celebration in favor of a modest ceremony. 

“‘I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who truly loves me. We got married on Christmas Eve, with the blessing of our families, and all whom we know are happy for us,” the star said.  

For the wedding ceremony, Pamela wore a Cinderella blue bridal skirt and cream corset, a fluffy light blue skirt from Joanna Delaney and a long veil from Valentino.

The lovers exchanged laconic rings, and after that they enjoyed a homemade vegan cake. 

Anderson settled in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island in the summer of 2019. She purchased an estate that belonged to her family and renovated it to her liking.

Pamela clarified that she met her future husband at the beginning of 2020. Being together on self-isolation, they fell in love with each other. The couple is actively helping the local RASTA Sanctuary animal shelter.  

We will remind, in February last year, Anderson broke up with producer Joe Peters after 12 days of marriage. The ex-husband said that the actress used him to solve financial problems. 

From her first husband, musician Tommy Lee, Anderson has two sons: 24-year-old Brandon and 23-year-old Dylan.

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