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Prince Harry ‘knows he has made mistakes’ but finally he has found ‘sense of purpose’ amid new life in California with Meghan

Prince Harry 'knows he has made mistakes' but finally he has found 'sense of purpose' amid new life in California with Meghan
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been at the center of criticism since they declared last year their future plans to give up their royal duties and live independently from the Royal Family. 

However, the columnist, who is a friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has claimed the Duke no longer worries about what commentators or critics may have to say about his new life with the Duchess of Sussex in California.

Bryony Gordon said in an opinion piece for the Telegraph:

The Duke knows he has critics. He expects to have critics, given the very public stance he has made, not just about the media, but also his own family.

He has accepted this, and it is this acceptance that has set him free, in many ways.

He is no longer living in fear of the repercussions of existing as himself, as he wants and needs to be.”

According to the columnist, Prince Harry also finds himself spiritually at home in California.

She stressed how the Duke now has a “sense of purpose” after retreating from his royal duties alongside his wife.

However, she refuted theories that Meghan has “changed” Harry.

She further added:

It is often suggested that the Duke’s wife, Meghan, has somehow changed him, as if he is a man completely incapable of independent thought.

But those close to Harry know that he had long been open to the shift we now see in him.

The couple is now expecting their second child, who according to speculations could be delivered at their Santa Barbara home.

According to her, the couple’s first daughter could be a “great unifier” for the couple and the Royal Family and help heal rifts.

True Royalty TV founder Nick Bullen told Us Weekly how child birth could bring the Sussexes closer to Harry’s family.

He said:

The birth of a baby is always a great unifier for a family and I’m sure all sides of the Sussex family will want to celebrate with Harry and Meghan.

I think you can be absolutely certain that Harry and Meghan will be jumping on a Zoom call to introduce Her Majesty to her 11th great-grandchild.

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