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“Queen of the South” season 5: James and Teresa confess their feelings after Alice Braga hint

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Jiya Saini
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The series has tracked the rise and fall of Braga’s ambitious drug dealer as she expands her empire across the southern United States.

However, Teresa’s business could come crashing down around her if she doesn’t start being honest with her team about her own addictions.

As the hype for this week’s episode ramps up, the series’ official Instagram page has unveiled a heartbreaking look at a tense discussion between James and Teresa.

Fans have long been predicting that the pair will eventually get together, but James has had to seriously consider whether he trusts his employer after coming back at the end of season four.

The latest post was captioned:

James is asking important questions next week. What do you think is on his mind, #QueenFamilia?

Many of the show’s viewers are hopeful James will finally confront his feelings for Teresa when Queen of the South continues.

Optimistic theories suggest this could be the scene where the hired hitman finally breaks down his hardened outer shell and opens up to his longtime partner.

Speculation was further spurred on by a comment from series lead, Alice Braga herself, below the new Instagram post.

She confirmed:

Yep he is. Don’t miss it ! It’s a GREAT episode.

The show’s stellar lead actress certainly appeared excited about what’s in store for episode six.

Down in the comments, several viewers pleaded with the series to finally make the much teased couple official after all these years.

One Instagram follower said:

When the hell are we going to work things out and FINALLY become a couple?? That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

However, some more cynical viewers believed they saw through yet another instance of blatant misdirection from Queen of the South’s social team.

Another fan said:

You are trying to make us think that there is something romantic going on but I’m pretty sure it is not.

After so many years in the business, many viewers are predicting James will tell Teresa he misses the young woman he met back in the first season.

Over on Reddit, a third fan wrote:

My predictions, he’ll tell her he misses the old Teresa. Maybe ask her if she’s ok.

Teresa will give him a faint flat smile. Then KellyAnne or Pote will come in.

Hopefully, the conversation will prove to be a little more substantial, but ‘Jeresa’ fans have been burnt in the past before and their wishful thinking may not be fulfilled until the very last episode of the series.

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