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Ray J has reignited debate over celebrity showers after admitting he hasn’t scrubbed his back in some time

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Ray J has made a shocking confession regarding his showering habit, confessing that he hasn’t cleaned his back in a long time. Previously, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had made similar confessions.

For whatever reason, the year 2021 became the year in which celebrities felt the need to publicize their bathing habits, causing a stir and drawing attention to themselves.

Mila and Ashton got things started by saying that they only wash their kids when they can ‘see the dirt.’

They received support from Kristen Bell, but other celebrities, such as Dwayne Johnson and Cardi B, made it clear that they were not members of their exclusive club.

Now, in an attempt to reignite the topic, Ray J specifically asked his male followers whether cleaning their backs in the shower was a normal part of their daily routine.

In an Instagram video, the One Wish singer said:

“This is a random question – it’s way over here – but it’s a good question. 

“Fellas, don’t lie, how many fella own a back scrub and wash they back all the time?”

Scratching his head, he continued:

“I was just taking a shower and was like, “Man, I really need to hit the back, we ain’t got no back scrub?” Princess [his wife] got one, the kids got one, but I don’t own my own back scrub. When’s the last time you washed your back? 

“It ain’t like that, I ain’t trying to make it personal, but it’s a good question. Fella, when’s the last time you really washed your whole back? Thoughts?”

He added in the caption that he was “on my way to CVS to get me a couple back scrubs”. 

Singer Marques Houston responded to Ray J’s million-dollar question and said: “Gotta have a back scrub lufa lol I think that’s how u spell it.” 

One male follower commented: “My back must be dirty af on god!!”

Pretty grossed out by Ray J’s revelation, one follower needed clarification and asked: ‘So u been taking showers without washing your back 🤔??’ 

Sharing an insight into their own routine, another weighed in: ‘He ain lyin tho . I use my rag but a brush would definitely help lol.’ 

One of Ray J’s female followers confessed: ‘Definitely I good question!! My husband uses mine,’ to which another replied: ‘Nooooo lol I’d totally put mine in a headlock for that lol.’ 

Kicking off the controversial debate in July, Mila said on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast: ‘I didn’t have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn’t shower much anyway. But when I had children, I also didn’t wash them every day. I wasn’t that parent that bathed my newborns – ever.’ 

Ashton agreed: ‘Now, here’s the thing: If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.’ 

On the other end of the spectrum, Dwayne aka The Rock revealed he washed himself three times a day and declared he was ‘the opposite of a “not washing themselves” celeb’.

You were reading: Ray J has reignited debate over celebrity showers after admitting he hasn’t scrubbed his back in some time

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