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That’s how every zodiac sign tells lies

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Each sign usually lies in a certain way to avoid being caught as much as possible. Can you identify yourself?

We don’t lie! The truth is, from time to time we all lie…

And according to the stars, it seems, each sign usually lies in a certain way to avoid getting caught as much as possible.

Here, how each sign of the zodiac tells a beautiful story: 

The Ram

Aries prepares a whole script before lying and at the moment calls for the drama to worry others or make others concerned, rather than questioning possible incongruities in its story.

The Bull

Taurus is minded with weight. It speaks convincingly, but shares only what is necessary, clinging to one or the other detail, to change focus.

The Twins

This sign is an expert in inventing miraculous situations and scenarios. Not afraid to draw too much attention to the event that ‘changed’ your life.

The Crab

Crab also tries to appeal to the drama, but is insecure and fears being discovered. Therefore becoming more manipulative. 

The Lion

The leonine invents in great and exaggerates in the details, what it really wants is to call the attention of its audience.

The Maiden

It is analytical when lying and, as uncomfortable as it feels, focuses so as not to leave any loose thread. It’s highly convincing.

The Scales

It sees the act of lying as a necessity and always relies on a real background to give credibility to the fables that counts. 

The Scorpion

For Scorpio, lying is a game and uses its observant nature to manage the situation with all care.

The Archer – (Centaur)

Mind trying to control itself so as not to overdo it, no matter how serious the issue tries to give it a ‘light’ tone. It always tries to introduce some humor in the ‘works of fiction’ that it shares with those around it.

The Goat

It gets very serious when you’re minded and gives a lot of details to make the story seem true. If you get caught, you’re going to deny it to the end.

The Water-bearer

It is a very creative sign about crafting lies and lets its power to tell stories come to the fore, as if it were a narrator.

The Fish

It appeals to sensitivity and always tries to protect something or someone when it lies. Dramatic, you can even cry, show sadness or anger to make the scenario more realistic.

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