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The first look of the prequel to “The Sopranos”

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Jiya Saini
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The film “The Many Saints of Newark”, starring Michael Gandolfini, son of the series’ protagonist, will finally be released in March

A good one for fans of The Sopranos: Warner Bros released the first images from the film “The Many Saints of Newark”, the prequel to the hit series that aired between 1999 and 2007.

In the video, just two seconds in the middle of an extensive trailer loaded with premieres, you can see the young Tony Soprano, who on this occasion is played by Michael, the son of James Gandolfini, the actor who starred in the series and died in 2013, before becoming the well-known New Jersey mobster.

Directed by Alan Taylor and scripted by David Chase, who at the time wrote the scripts for the original series, the film is set in the sixties and will show the clashes that occurred in Newark during those years, which put the Afro-American and Italian communities on one side and the other on the sidewalk.

Surely what is seen in the film is what fans of the series have been waiting for two decades, since on several occasions during the first season, the protagonist refers to his childhood.

“I am very attracted to the surroundings of Newark, where my parents came from and where the riots took place. I was living in the suburbs of New Jersey when that happened, and my girlfriend worked in downtown Newark. I was interested in the whole issue of riots and began to think about them and organized crime. I am very seduced by the idea of ​​mixing these two elements,” said the author two years ago, in the middle of filming, and added that what most attracted him to the project was “thinking about Tony’s childhood.”

On what will be seen soon, he added: “We are going to represent when it was something more careful. The mafia was something much more refined at the time, both in the way they dress and the way they act. Those ‘traditions’ were followed in a very ‘free’ way by the characters in the series. Those back then weren’t guys who were sporting”.

The cast is completed by Alessandro Nivola, Vera Farmiga, Ray Liotta, Jon Bernthal and Corey Stoll. The film had to be released in March of last year, then it was postponed to September but due to the pandemic they had to change the date once more and it will finally be able to be seen from March 11 on HBO Max.

For his work in the series, James Gandolfini had won three Emmy Awards, for which, this time all eyes will be on his son, who must continue his legacy, this time in the cinema.

The preview images of the prequel to The Sopranos were part of a trailer in which Warner Bros presents its premieres, including Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho, King Richard, starring Will Smith and Godzilla vs. Kong. The new instalment of The Conjuring, Mortal Kombat, Suicide Squad and Space Jam will also be released.

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