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Why does Kim Kardashian feel like she’s been divorced from Kanye West for months?

The businesswoman has taken refuge in her family during this difficult time

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It’s official: one of the most powerful couples in entertainment ended, as Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West. Now, she wants to move on with her life and move on to the next chapter.

According to what a source told E! News, the couple is in the middle of a “friendly” separation. Despite Kardashian allegedly wanting to make the official divorce since last year, she tried to give things time.

“Kim was tired of waiting. She tried to give it a try. I wanted to do this last year. It gave her a lot of time, but it is time to move on with her life. There were no deceptions. Nobody did anything wrong. They separated over time,” said the source.

According to this person, Kim is now more focused on protecting her privacy and her children, but overall she is doing well. Meanwhile, West has not been so present in the lives of his children, who have been living with their mother in California.

For now, North, her eldest daughter, is the one who has had a better understanding of her parents’ situation. While the businesswoman has tried to explain to Saint, Chicago and Psalm what happened.

North has some knowledge of what is going on. But most kids have always seen them separated, so it’s not very surprising. Kim expressed [to the children] that she loves her dad but they need to be apart. They do not fully understand what is happening but they are already used to the situation,” he said.

Another source revealed that the founder of KKW Beauty, despite feeling sad about the situation, is also relieved.

“She feels like she’s been divorced for months. It has been a long time and she feels relieved to finally move on,” said the second person.

According to what the portal reported, the businesswoman decided to request a divorce after both had reached an agreement about the division of assets. In addition to this, there has been no communication between them, and everything has been through their lawyers and assistants.

But this is not a battle that Kardashian has to fight alone, as the news portal explained that her sisters and mother have supported her during this difficult time.

A source revealed that Khloe and Kourtney are “extremely protective” of Kim, and she knows that she is wrong “she can talk to them on FaceTime or go to one of their houses and they will always be there for her.” In addition, they have been very helpful with the children while Kim concentrates on her legal studies.

However, this does not mean that the family will unite against the rapper, on the contrary, they want West to be as involved as possible, for the sake of the children.

This Friday it was announced that the reality star finally filed for divorce from the music producer officially, thus confirming the rumors.

According to the TMZ portal, despite the crisis that the couple faced last year and the accusations made by Kanye through social networks, the divorce will be as friendly as possibleKim has the famous lawyer Laura Wasser on her side.

Kardashian is requesting joint custody of her four children, something with which Kanye would agree since both are committed to the education and care of the little ones.

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