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6 efficient methods to improve sleep stand out

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Scientists say that sleep is essential for health: it strengthens the mind, restores the body, and improves practically every system in the body. The American organization Sleep Foundation published several recommendations to improve sleep, based on scientific research.

While shortening sleep may be tempting at some point, it’s not worth doing because sleep is essential to maintaining the best mental and physical state, says the organization’s recent post.

Healthy adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. However, it is not just about the quantity of sleep, but the quality is also important. Therefore, specialists propose several proven methods to improve sleep hygiene in order to rest more and better:

Follow the same sleep schedule every day, even on weekends.

Practice a relaxing routine before bed to make it easier to fall asleep quickly.

Choose a comfortable mattress and equip it with quality pillows and sheets.

Minimize possible light and sound interruptions, and optimize bedroom temperature and aroma.

Disconnect from electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops for half an hour or more before going to bed.

Carefully monitor caffeine and alcohol consumption and try to avoid consuming them in the hours before bedtime.

At the same time, specialists recommend resorting to medical assistance in case one experiences symptoms such as significant daytime sleepiness, chronic snoring, leg cramps or tingling, shortness of breath during sleep, or chronic insomnia.

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