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A study spanning 16 years links cholesterol, eggs to cardiac death

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In their longitudinal study that spanned for nearly 16 years, researchers from China have found the connection between cholesterol, eggs, and cardiovascular mortality.

In a recent study issue in the PLOS Medicine by Yu Zhang and teammates from Zhejiang University College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, China, the consumption of whole eggs and dietary fat (cholesterol) was significantly correlated with death. On the other hand, consumption of white eggs or substitutes were adversely linked with death.

The role of cholesterol and eggs in the well-being of one’s cardiovascular system has always been a point of dispute. There also isn’t enough data that would lead to ascertained assertions.

In the latest research experts studies a group of 521,120 participants in the age group of 50 to 71 years, out of which women constituted 41.2%, 91.8% were non-Hispanic whites.  The participants were selected from 6 states, and 2 cities in the United States from 1995 to 1996. The participants were from NIH-AARP Diet and Study, which is a merger between the National Institute of Health and the American Association of Retired Persons. 

The participants were studied for a mean duration of 16 years, during which 129,328 participants died. As described in the set of questions relating to food, eating the whole egg was considerably related to the cause of mortality. The demographic and dietary elements were accordingly adjusted.

Also, every consumption of an extra 300 milligrams of dietary fat was related to a 19% increased rate of deaths (all-cause mortality). Every extra halved whole egg, one day at a time, was linked with 7% of deaths. On the contrary, intake of egg whites or substitutes was related to a lower (all-cause) death.

Substituting half -whole egg with an equal quantity of egg whites or their substitutes was linked with a decline of 3% in the deaths caused due to cardiovascular diseases.

The authors of the study explained that the outcomes propose to limit the consumption of cholesterol, and replaces whole eggs with egg whites or its substitutes. Other varied sources of protein can also be chosen in order to maintain one’s cardiac health and longevity, they suggested.

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