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An early warning sign of Diabetes most people ignore or don’t know yet, According to experts

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High blood sugar is like an uninvited guest that can sneak up on you without any obvious symptoms. In fact, most people don’t know they are suffering from high blood sugar until they develop type 2 diabetes – and probably have had it for some time.

The warning signs of type 2 diabetes, such as frequent urination and excessive thirst, are often subtle, especially early on. But there is one more early warning sign most people ignore or don’t about it and can lead to worse health problems down the road.

According to endocrinologist Kevin Pantalone, DO, there are several symptoms that can occur early on with diabetes. Even if they’re subtle, they’re worth mentioning to your doctor.

However, diabetes symptoms often go under the radar and might be easily dismissed as something less serious.

A metallic taste can also indicate a serious illness, such as kidney or liver problems, but these reasons are not common and usually are accompanied by other symptoms, according to Family medicine physician Michael Rabovsky, MD.

Some patients first notice that something might be wrong when they develop a strange taste in their mouth.

The taste disturbance can vary, but it’s often described as tasting “metallic”, according to medical website Healthline.

High blood sugar can slowly damage the central nervous system, which subsequently impacts patients’ taste and smell.

A taste disorder – known as parageusia – might result when the nerves affecting taste are damaged, it said.

Uncontrolled diabetes or high blood sugar can cause a range of problems such as nerve damage and kidney damage. But these aren’t the only side effects of diabetes.

Some people with diabetes may also develop a metallic taste in their mouth.

Parageusia is a taste disorder that can occur alongside diabetes. It’s also known to cause a metallic taste in the mouth.

Simply put, your central nervous system affects how your brain perceives taste, and it’s possible that uncontrolled diabetes can affect your nervous system.

But just you develop a metallic taste in your mouth, it doesn’t mean you have diabetes.

It could also be caused by indigestion, a cold, or even a sinus infection.

Gum disease might also lead to an unpleasant taste, which is why it’s crucial you regularly brush your teeth and use dental floss.

You should consider speaking to a doctor if the metallic taste doesn’t go away, however, and if there’s no obvious cause.

Meanwhile, you could also be at risk of diabetes if you start using the toilet more often than normal, and if you’re feeling unusually thirsty.

Some patients might also have cuts or wounds that take longer to heal, or develop persistently itchy genitals.

Leaving your diabetes undiagnosed could increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Speak to a doctor if you’re worried about the warning signs of diabetes.

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