Autopsies of COVID-19 victims reveal its unexpected and devastating effects

Autopsies of COVID-19 victims reveal its unexpected and devastating effects
© CC BY 2.0 / NIAID / Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Studies based on autopsies carried out in the US reveal the unexpected and devastating effects that the coronavirus has on the body of its victims and the extent that it has within the human body.

New York University Coroner Amy Rapkiewicz highlighted the presence of blood clots in virtually every organ. The scientist stressed that this fact contradicts what was previously believed and supposes a “dramatic” effect.

COVID-19 was previously assumed to be a respiratory disease similar to pneumonia. Doctors later realized that this disease can form blood clots, which carries a serious danger of causing a stroke, kidney failure, heart inflammation, and other complications of the immune system.

“It was a dramatic finding, as we expected them only in the lungs, but in the end, we found them in practically every organ we have evaluated in our autopsy study,” Rapkiewicz told CNN.

The study also brought another thankless surprise: Large cells from the bone marrow – megakaryocytes – were seen. The scientist explained that it is a bad sign since these cells do not normally circulate outside the bones and lungs.

“We have found them in the heart and in the kidneys and the liver and in other organs. It should be noted that in the heart megakaryocytes produce platelets that are closely associated with blood clotting,” he added in his interview for CNN.

Now, scientists further studying to determine what is the connection between large bone marrow cells and the clotting of small blood vessels in people with coronaviruses.