Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham’s Dermatologist Shares Secrets to Perfect Skin

Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham's Dermatologist Shares Secrets to Perfect Skin
Image Credit: Pixabay

The skincare guru’s top tips and tricks to getting superstar skin

Dr. Harold Lancer, a skincare expert, and the man behind the famous faces such as Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Beckham, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Beyoncé having a clientele of more than 30,000 patients from all over the world, shared his secret to get a superstar skin.

Among his many credentials are a multi-award-winning skincare line, a book on anti-aging, and a top-notch dermatology practice in – where else – Beverly Hills. Impressive doesn’t even begin to cover it.

From the best ingredients to the foods you should (and should not) be eating, it’s all here.

For him: “One of the biggest mistakes is simply not having a daily skincare regimen. Taking care of your skin should be an automatic part of your day and as natural as brushing your teeth!”

The use of an SPF – all day, every day! Going about your day without protection is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin “regardless of the weather.”

It is also very important to eat a healthy diet and opt for natural and organic foods rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, as growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides are capable of affecting our antioxidants management system, something that can make our skin age faster. And the most harmful substances include sugar, salt, sodium, and so-called bad fats.

If you have dry or irritated skin, an anti-dandruff shampoo can also be of great help. However, it is not recommended to use it on a regular basis: only in emergency situations.

To keep your skin smooth and hydrated, you need to follow the so-called 60-second rule, says Lancer. In other words, you have to apply the cream within just one minute of washing your face. 

Another secret is to take a day off each month: just stop using cosmetic products for 24 hours.

Consistent exercise also helps improve blood and lymph circulation, make your skin look more radiant, and eliminate toxins. However, it is necessary to cleanse the skin before training to avoid clogged pores and acne. And during exercise, use a clean towel to wipe off the sweat.