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Biden’s adviser is clueless why COVID lurks in locked California as much as in relaxed Florida!

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American healthcare adviser Andy Slavitt nearly baffled MSNBC when he was asked to explain why the rate of COVID-19 cases in California with serious restrictions is close to relaxed Florida.

The lockdown has not only become the ‘need’ for limiting the rapid transmission of the coronavirus but is also becoming a ‘culture’ in many ways. With the lasting impact of the pandemic and the fear of its possible breakout, the lockdown has become an integral part of our living. 

With the emerging variants of coronavirus in the United States and the surging rates of infection, the restrictions have been made further stringent. But not all states have kept their people behind closed doors.

When asked about the reason behind the similar status of the COVID-19 infections in the states of Florida and California despite totally contradictory methods of prevention on MSNBC, Andy Slavitt the American healthcare adviser ran out of words. The most he did was owe it all to the unpredictable nature of the virus and say that it is “a little bit beyond our explanation”.

California and Florida both have infection cases ranging around 8.5%. On one hand, California is put to meet serious restrictions to inhibit the transmission and lower the infections, whereas Florida is breathing and moving all free. Surprisingly though, none of them is ahead of another either in terms of rising infections, or in combating the same. 

The identical surge in post-vacay COVID-19 cases in both states has put the effectiveness of lockdown under serious scrutiny.

Mr Slavit could barely find any words to explain the consistent cases of infection despite the lockdown. Baffling he said: “What we do know is that the more careful people are, the more they mask and social distance, and the quicker we vaccinate, the quicker it goes away and the less it spreads.”

Governor Gavin Newsom has tightened the restrictions in California,  especially after the new variants have marked an increase in infections and even deaths. Schools and businesses have been shut. Public gatherings are also disallowed across the state. Masking continues to remain mandatory.

Although Governor Ron DeSantis has executed similar regulations on Florida, the restrictions were lifted shortly after, setting the bars and restaurants open. He had also prevented law enforcement agencies from imposing fines. The Floridians were also spotted on beaches,  parting and dancing, that too mask-free!

Despite the sharp contrast in the policy of both the governors, where Newsom boasts about the importance of lockdown in curbing the rate of infections as against Florida, the data given by Johns Hopkins University shows California has reported 3.5 million cases (8.8%) whereas relaxed Florida has around1.2 million cases (8.3%).

“This is a virus that continues to surprise us. It’s very hard to predict. And all around the country, we’ve got to continue to do a better job, and I think we are, but we’re done yet,” stated Andy Slavitt. He also said that it isn’t easy to predict the nature of new variants “and we don’t know what role they play.”

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