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Blood Pressure-reducing drinks named

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Kuldeep Singh
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Experts have compiled a list of drinks that regularly help lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure puts excess strain on your heart muscle. The condition can damage the arteries and increases a person’s risk of mortality.

According to experts, to lower blood pressure you must include a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

A well-balanced diet consists of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day – and variety is key.

Some fruit juices could be a start in the right direction.

Scientists have advised people suffering from high blood pressure to drink fresh pineapple juice, which is fortified with potassium. This drink relaxes the walls of blood vessels and lowers the sodium in the body.

Drinking certain beverages regularly can lower blood pressure. Such products have a positive effect on the well-being of people with hypertension.

In addition to pineapple juice, you can also drink beetroot juice. It promotes the formation of nitric oxide, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels, which normalizes blood pressure. 

Hibiscus tea, known as hibiscus tea, will also normalize blood vessels and blood pressure. Another healthy drink is green tea, which contains antioxidants.

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