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British scientist reports a new symptom of coronavirus

The professor reveals an unexpected symptom of the coronavirus

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Lines or grooves on the nails speak not only of coronavirus but also of measles, scarlet fever, or mumps, as well as thyroid diseases, diabetes or iron deficiency anemia.

British professor Tim Spector has identified a new and unexpected symptom of coronavirus infection in the human body.

According to the scientist, a sign that a person has suffered from coronavirus can be lines and grooves on a person’s nails. 

He posted a photo of such nails on Twitter and explained that they are recovering, having a clear growth boundary at the time of illness and after it.

The professor says Covid nails are increasingly being recognized as the nails recover after infection and the growth recovers leaving a clear line.

A white stripe is visible on the grown nail plates, but since they grow back for a long time, the consequences may appear with a delay

Spector explained.

At the same time, he noted that such lines and grooves are not manifested in everyone who has had COVID-19, this is just one of the symptoms, along with a rash, the appearance of wrinkles, and others.

Fingernails grow in roughly six-month cycles, so anyone who has been infected with Covid-19 may not notice a change in their appearance until a while after they were ill.

According to the Healthline website, lines like this across the nails are called Beau’s lines and develop as the body recovers from the infection.

They can occur as a result of a disease which causes high fever – examples including measles, mumps and scarlet fever.

The lines can also be caused by skin conditions such as eczema. Of course, one of the symptoms of coronavirus is a high fever, and occasionally skin rashes can be seen in Covid-19 patients.

Spector stressed that the sharp appearance of lines and grooves on the nails may indicate other serious diseases of the body. 

The lines however can be caused by other things, such as malnourishment, and more dramatic changes in nail shape could be caused by serious illnesses such as Thyroid disease, diabetes or iron deficiency anaemia.

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